Loan Calculator

Please note these loan calculations are only approximate since administrative and legal fees must be added to your loan amount in order to arrive at an accurate monthly repayment” For a more accurate figure call us at 4588730, 7289386 or 7289388


Personal Loans

Interest rates – 2% per month

Term – 12 months (24 fortnights)


Vehicle Loans

Interest rates – 10% per annum

Term (please note this is only a general guide):

11 year old vehicles and older – 2 years and a 30% deposit

9 to 10 year old vehicles – 3 to 4 years and a 20% deposit

8 year old vehicles and younger – 4 years and more depending on age and brand with a 10% deposit


Furniture and Home Appliance Loans

Interest rates – 1.5% per month

Term – 3 years

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