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Please note the following basic requirements needed to start the process:

Documentation from the Seller

If you are buying a vehicle owned locally by another person you require:

  • A vendor’s letter detailing the vehicle brand, chassis and engine number, price and vendor’s name and contact number
  • A recent valuation that is no older than 2 weeks
  • Existing insurance cover note for the vehicle
  • Proof of ownership. This document titled “Vehicle Enquiry” can be obtained from Transport Board for about $35
  • A picture ID of the seller

For used vehicles being ordered from overseas

If you are ordering from overseas via our recommended used car dealers all you need is the dealer’s invoice

From you the buyer

  • A job letter from your employer confirming your job title, length of service and salary
  • If you are self-employed provide evidence of your income and ownership of the business
  • A most recent salary slip
  • Two forms of picture ID including your driver’s license
  • Six months history of your bank or credit union savings account

Deposit Requirement

  • 11 year old vehicle – 30% Deposit
  • 9 to 10 years old – 20% Deposit
  • 8 years old and younger – 10% Deposit

How long does the process take before you receive the cheque?

  • If all the documentation is submitted in a timely manner it takes only five working days to receive the money

Other vital information

  • The vehicle must be comprehensively insured for the term of the loan and the insurer must be instructed to assign the insurance to CARED
  • An inspection of the vehicle may be required

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